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The mastering process is one of the most critical procedures in the modern music industry. For us, it begins when we receive your track and analyze it with a set of sharp ears in our mastering studio using our top-cutting edge monitoring and analysis tools. We do this in order to decide what needs to be fixed in terms of dynamics and frequency range using a combination of techniques, including full band and multiband compression, EQ, harmonic excitation, stereo imaging and limiting to bring your track up to the level it needs to stand up against the top tracks in the genre. Our mastering is done using analog studio equipment for the best possible quality.


Sometimes today’s artists, while having great ideas, find themselves lacking the professional equipment needed to create the perfect mix for a track. That’s why you can trust that your musical ideas will benefit from the right EQ balance, the right stereo placement, level scaling and effects choices. We can ensure that your track will be good for the ears and mastering ready!

Graphic Design

An artist’s image is shown in the art he creates. Thus for a musician, that art is his music. However, in today’s world, more and more things have come to add to that image, so in order to stay competitive, sometimes one has to take care of them as well. Some basic ones are the artist’s logo, track artwork and general branding.

Music Production

Work with our producers on producing your next release. Our highly educated and certified staff cover a wide variety of musical genres. Contact us for more info.

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