Sample Pack Creation

If you are a passionate, hard working sound designer and would like to work as a sample pack creator, then Polarity Studio might be looking for you. We are interested in creating and selling sample packs for various music genres, focused in but not limited to: Techno, Tech House, House and Electronica. You should be able to design your own high quality sounds, therefore creating an interesting, unique and playable final pack.

You can apply using the form below. We recommend including some relevant information such as:

  • a short bio of yourself
  • the genre focus of the sample packs you want to make
  • a demo of your sound design or production work
  • if you are able to create original drum hits and FX from scratch
  • if you are able to create original vocal packs


Note: It is not necessary to be able to create original drums or vocals, but it could prove helpful.


What’s in this for you:

  • Payment for your final products upon agreement
  • Ease of work (you can work from your own place)
  • Connections with our record label ‘Polarity Records’ & ‘Polarity Underground’
  • FREE sample packs and exclusive member discounts

If we are interested in your application we will contact you.

Remember: This page is only for sample pack designers for Polarity Studio and not for music demos for our label. If you would like to send a demo to Polarity Records instead, please use our “Demo Submission” form.